Monday, 31 October 2016

My New Babies

My New Babies

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry that I've not been around for so long, It seems that my Mojo 
hasn't just left me for a while it has completely disappeared altogether :(
However I do have something or rather two little somethings to share with you all, my 
adorably cute Ragdoll kitties 

Willow & Poppy 

This photo was taken just 2 weeks ago when we first brought the babies home.

This is Poppy last night sprawlled out on our bed after a busy day exploring and getting 
into all kinds of mischief lol

This is Willow completely worn out and sleeping peacefully on one of our pillows, 
considering they are so small they take up such a lot of the bed but who cares about 
sleep when you've got a couple of cuties like this to share your bed with hehe.
I can't believe just how much the have both grown in these past two weeks and 
boy oh boy do they have a healthy appetite. 
They're both so loving and are always looking for cuddles and follow me around 
everywhere and are very vocal, Willow sounds just like *GIZMO* the Mogwai from 
the movie Gremlins hehe and Poppy purrs all the time whenever you approach her Aww.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Huge Hugz  xxx


  1. Oh, they are so ADORABLE!! Love them! :)

  2. Two beautiful fur babies, I am sure they will bring you lots of fun. Hugs Jennifer xx

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous Lorraine, I love their names and beautiful colour of their fur.
    Linda xxx

  4. They are adorable, Lorraine and so fluffy. I've recently been given a new kitten. I've called him Minninnewah, which is Sioux for Whirlwind...and it really suits him. He was so tiny when I brought him home, he could sit in one hand. The first thing he did was to 'adopt' my Mini Schnauzer as his surrogate mum and it was lovely to see how well she put up with him (apart from when he tried to suckle - she jumped about 6 inches off the bed). My other cat looked at him as if to say, "What the heck is that?" but he's started to wash him now. It's weird as they look like father and son when they are together. He's 16 weeks old today and I can only get any crafting done when he's asleep as he thinks it's great fun to climb up and jump all over everything lol.
    Bejay xx

  5. ahh they are cute Lorraine.

    Hope you are alright I don't hear or see much of you.

    greetings karin

  6. Hi Lorraine Hope your oke and I hope you come back on you blog mis your cards and designs.
    Let us hear you still live

    gr karin

    gr karin


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